The Tuscany Life Science Cluster supports the companies with rapid and effective responses to the needs and indications emerging from the territory, through the creation and consolidation of an integrated Regional Life Science System.
To do this, the Cluster organization is built so as to be able to perform to the satisfaction of two different types of actions:

• Towards the institutions
• Towards the territory

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the governing board of the Tuscany Life Science Cluster.
It is composed by representatives of all stakeholders and supports regional and national institutions in the discussion and elaboration of strategies for the promotion and growth of the life sciences starting from the problems/needs reported by the Cluster members.

Steering Commitee members


Management and Technical Committee 

The Committee is responsible for the Cluster management and coordination, in accordance with what is indicated by the Steering Committee, and for networking activities at regional, national and international level. 

Management and Technical Committee members


Strategic Support Unit

This unit, coordinated by the Technical Committee, implements growth and innovation strategies in the Cluster, through the development and delivery of specific services to meet the needs and/or demands of Cluster members. 

Strategic Support Unit members


Operational Support Unit

This unit supports start-up paths (pre-incubation, incubation and post-incubation) and SMEs/Industries development providing access to facilities, equipments, technical-scientific services and contract research.

Operational Support Unit members